Our stores are reopening to the public - See how we are dedicated to your health and safety and ours

Posted by Abby Mihelcich on 4/30/2020 to Events

After careful consideration, our stores will be reopening on Monday, May 4th, 2020. This decision was made to offer essential appliances and to make sure our employees have work to return to. All of our stores were closed when the announcement was made to close non essential businesses. Even though appliances are considered essential, we closed our store fronts for everyone's health and safety. We continued phone sales with delivery to make sure everyone could still get the items they needed in order to stay at home. We feel now is the time to reopen our stores so we can continue to operate.

We want you to feel safe when visiting our stores. All of our employees will be wearing KN95 (medical grade) masks at all times and customers will be required to wear masks at all times while in the store. Strict rules including hand washing, sanitizer use, and glove use when applicable will be enforced for our employees as well.

If you need to exercise extra caution we also offer appointments for shopping and phone sales where you can pick up your items or have them delivered at your curb or driveway.

Masks Will Be Required In Store

Every customer must wear a mask while shopping in store. A free new KN95 mask may be provided if you do not have one. Hand sanitizer will also be readily available for use.
 We will be requiring wearing a mask for all persons, including all customers while inside the store.

Free $50 Coupon

Every customer will also receive a $50 coupon to use on any item in store, however restrictions apply on the coupon. Driver's license/ID is required, and the coupon may only be used once per person. The coupon must be used immediately, it cannot be held onto for future orders or applied to past orders. In order to redeem the coupon, you must take the item being purchase home with you, it cannot be used in conjunction with delivery.

This $50 coupon has no price minimum (coupon only applies to one item). This way if you need a small appliance we have in stock like a pressure cooker, air fryer, vacuum, etc you can apply the coupon to get the item for very cheap or even free if it is under $50. Supply is extremely limited, you may call to see what is available. However, you must still show up in person to claim the coupon (no holds or rain checks!) and it must be used immediately and the item taken home with you.

We hope to continue providing you with the essential appliances you need. As always, call us and let us know how we can help you!
(248) 918-2340