Messerstahl 5.75" Cleaver

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Experience cutting edge technology. Literally. Our Cleaver blade is approximately 5.75 inches in length and tapers to a sharp cutting edge. This tool is used to chop, shred, pound, or crush food ingredients and materials. The blade of the cleaver is thick, somewhat heavy and well balanced with a beveled cutting edge. The beveled blade allows for ease of chopping through vegetables and bones. The flat blunt side of the blade can be used to pulverize meat, crush seeds and garlic, or similar ingredients. A hole is provided on the top end of the blade to allow for ease of hanging this tool when storing. 

Key Benefits:

  • Easy sharpening 

  • Long, lasting, hand-forged blades 

  • Innovative craftsmanship 

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Textra-grip handles 

  • High quality forged steel

  • Full tang construction

  • Poly-Stahl storage block

Set Includes: 

  • Cleaver 

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